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Directcompute Failure


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Feb 18, 2009
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Amarillo TX
System Name Arenatek-0001
Processor E8400
Motherboard Asus P5E3 Pro
Cooling Air
Memory Crucial Balistix DDR3 1600 8-8-8-24 @ 1066
Video Card(s) Asus EAH5830 1GB
Storage No Limmit
Display(s) Asus VW246H
Case Black MilkCrate Horizontal Foam Top
Audio Device(s) Onboard Realtek ALC 1200 8 Channel HD Audio
Power Supply Ultra 650
Software Vista32 Home Premium
Benchmark Scores Text box not big enough to list them.
I'll keep this as breif as possible.

Asus P5E3 Pro + Asus 5830 1GB

1. I can install the 10.9 drivers and directcompute shows to be working.

2. On reboot GPU-Z reports directcompute is dissabled.

heavy suspicion on catalyst driver.

'not whgl certified according to dxdiag'

Does anyone know how to force directcompute to be on ? :banghead: ( just kidding ... )

We now live in a world where benchmarking is dissabled by ATI as part of their thermal protection scheme. :twitch:

The only good news out of this so far is I'm able to run dolphin emulator at full speeds.

If you think I'm going to buy windows 7 after this , yer sadly mistaken. :pimp: ( I'll try to make someone else buy it for me lol )

I've resolved this by downloading the latest drivers from Asus for my 5830

The driver package is outdated catalyst 10.8 driver which windows update will say is outdate and load up yet another 10.8 driver but it works.

I expected 10.9 driver version , I've realised Asus are not keeping up with video driver releases.

There is a different looking icon in the task tray as well ! ( rainbow colors )

Thanks wizard your GPU-Z program helped me discover failure and correct failure.

I like GPU-Z , even if I thinkl it's splash screen looks like nVidia branding.

Thanks again wizard.


Got Catalyst 10.10 from techpowerup working!
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