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DLink router problem

Jan 14, 2006
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Software win xp home sp2
I was wondering if anyone could help me with a strange problem Im having with my DGL 4300 gamerslounge router. When i first got it it was firmware 1.4 and i got the latest 1.6 right away. I used the wizard to set up the internet access and and wireless connections. All seems to work well for a random period of time from about a week to maybe 3 weeks and then all the sudden it locks all the computers out of the internet but i can still access the other computers on the home network. After having to reset the router like 10 times i got fed up and called tech support and they helped me set up a static ip and dns on the computer witch seemed to work. I did some experimenting and found out i didnt need the static IP but only the DNS would make it work, So i have come to the conclusion that the router for some reason stops giving out a working DNS. So i went into the router options under WAN and i set it to give out dns and and it works fine now. Just wondering if anyone could tell me why this is the case and if its a router problem how i can fix it. I also bought a new DLink cable modem hoping that would fix the problem but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated :toast:
Jan 29, 2006
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I used to have that problem. I noticed that my IP address changed every time my router rebooted, so that made setting up DynDNS really hard. I reinstalled firmware, and now I have one solid IP address for between 1 and 3 weeks, but then it locks up until I reboot the router. The internet is a mystery :laugh:.
Oct 26, 2005
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its a mystery that someone still buys d-link,