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Do I need a VPN

Apr 2, 2007
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Hi I use Avast premium security and I am pleased with it but I have never used their VPN is it any good and do I need one.
Jul 25, 2006
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I have never used their VPN is it any good
I would assume it is fine
and do I need one.
No - maybe.

If you connect via your home network, you keep your operating system and security current, you don't let strangers use your computer, and you are not "click-happy" on every link you see, you avoid HTTP and only visit HTTPS sites, and you use a good ad blocker, you don't need one.

But if you frequently connect to wifi hotspots at coffee shops, hotels, airports, etc. using a VPN would be a good idea.

This Consumer Reports article is a couple years old but still relevant. I like it because CR is unbiased and has no financial incentive to push this or that security program on its readers.
Nov 16, 2007
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On paper, the Windows offering looks good. Connection speeds will depend on factors outside of your and your ISP's control. If it included with the premium, go for it. Use it, and learn about ways it will protect you while you are using it. One thing that will hang you up...if you have your own servers working, and they are inside the VPN, and you arw subscribed to a VPN service, your connectivity to your servers will become more complicated. The reason should be obvious, but you are niw tryung to connect to a secure network that is NOT yours, to connect to your secure network.
Feb 20, 2020
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Depends on your region or state in the US as a example
Some US states have restricted some sites to proof of age so using a vpn can go around that nonsense pretty easily with random private ip's or bouncing through other countries private ip's lol ;)

Otherwise vpm will slow your internet speed down so they are a double edged sword not normally needed but they do serve some usefulness

I've been using proton free and it's served it's purpose but no I don't use it all the time for any added security mbam pro is all I need for that bit.

If I'm on a insecure network motel/... I just use my cell network with cell phone features.
Oct 24, 2020
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If you want access to content that is otherwise blocked because of your location , sure.

If you want a false sense of security then by all means go ahead and waste your money.
You will have to trust a commercial company that they will not sell data about internetusage to other third party commercial companies.
Use only-HTTPS setting as said by Bill_Bright for improved security.
Dec 3, 2023
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Since most points have been mentioned (with the one exception i will mention) if for some reason you use torrent then a VPN is probably needed (though you should be doing a lot more steps before you even touch torrent such as having a virtual machine).


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Oct 6, 2007
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I use airvpvn, which uses the openvpn network. Long established and very fast speeds. Had my charge card hacked twice... not any more. There are many good
security reasons to use a vpn, but use a good one and learn how to use it. Sometimes a vpn can have other uses, like a game client of mine can't connect to my
game server because they both use the same ports... stupid modem... by putting my client on the vpn I can bypass that.