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EK Releases EK-Leak Tester - a Superior Leak Testing Solution

Feb 6, 2010
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Steel City, UK
If you have extension you can use this as compression test for your car. Nice EK
Nov 18, 2010
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Rīga, Latvia
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Video Card(s) ASUS 1080 Ti FE + water block
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What's with the Imperial vs Metric trolling? Are we 13?
Feb 11, 2012
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Oct 30, 2008
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run the pump without the board being powered on, no harm no foul. Detect a leaky, shout it off start ova. No power to the board it can get wet all day long and work fine.
Sep 14, 2017
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I'm pretty sure you could make one these from parts at a hardware store for $10.

Then do it. You can also build the entire watercooling loop, rad, block and all from junk yard parts. Fantastic. Pat yourself on the back.
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Dec 31, 2009
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Benchmark Scores Faster than yours... I'd bet on it. :)
Bunch of Muppets with lack of for sight.

Go look at your wet fitting on your boiler they all have O rings but also a restraining clip because the pipework is under pressure 2 to 3 bar.
I wonder why they add restraining clips. Maybe because it would be stupid to rely on only the pressure generated from the O ring thumb tight threads.
This is a bad idea and anyone who would use such a thing needs to pull out all the restraining clips from their boiler.
Must not need them.View attachment 128439

It amazes me people are actually considering buying this (tool)
Its a risk that isn't worth taking.
If there is a leak the fluid will lubricate the O ring increasing the risk it sliding off the pipe.
Has to be the worst idea i have seen in a long long time and yet people are praising the idea.
Just mind boggling to me.

If you do use this be sure your loop is empty..................
What are you going on about? You dont think this device was tested to work with their products as they described?

If these posts are legit, sounds like you're a fear monger at best. You arent even posting pics of ek parts, but random O rings on....????

The bottom line is if you use this properly, it will work as described. If you put too much pressure through it, your doomsday scenario could happen.
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Feb 21, 2008
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We use this kind of thing to test cooling systems and refrigerant systems. Air has a lower viscosity than coolant so any leak will show up sooner with a gas than liquid.
Yeah, but that price is excellent for a solution like this. In process engineering, way pay many magnitudes more than this for equivalent tools. Calibrated flow meters are costing us half the value of my house.