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  • Well all of those are fesible ideas. but I doubt its the proc. Im banking on drivers. I dont have fallout so I cant test. So if it is drivers Im not sure which suite is the good one. you can try altering the drivers to see if it fixes the problem. in NVCP go to manage 3d settings. multiple GPU rendering mode and change it to one of the 2. i personally find 'alternate frame rendering 2' is better. but yMMv now along with or seperate you can adjust the amount of pre rendered frames a little further down. I find upto14 works in most cases as a max. I usually go from 4-6 depending on how it works with the majority of my games. so try one or both of the above. tinker around and see if it fixes it before you try new drivers.
    Well I would of mailed it tomorrow but Turkey day is messing me up. What board you got for the Pentium?
    You better hope you don't look like or her my sexual preference is gonna pull a 180. :D

    Alright I'm gonna stop asking weird questions and leave both you and her to peace.
    I wouldn't quite call what I do bodybuilding, honestly. It's more power lifting. I was a personal trainer for years in addition to my other career. I've now stopped to focus on my training again.
    LOL. I'm surprised I've never used an avatar like that before. Bodybuilding is my other hobby. Currently getting ready for a "raw" (and drug free) bench press competition. Hey, do we still need to exchange heat?
    thanks for your kind words man! The paint was applied at a paint shop for furniture... same technique as car paint job. but the wood has to be suiting for this kind of job, and MDF is one of these woods (compressed compound). If I had used a normal, say pine wood, it could not be applied with the same result. as for the psu... you have a point, but the way I installed it, I can easily move it anywhere and when the holder is tightened the psu is rock solid!

    thanks again!
    ^_^ I try my best! Believe me I was really halfassed when I first started. I'm sure you had a taste of that when buying the 1st Sphex off me. ^_^
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