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elsa falcox 9550 to 9600


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Apr 8, 2005
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my card elsa falcox 9550 (samsung memory) i try to mod bios to 9600, i try to use bios mod in ati bios collection (elsa 9550 memory hynix/ because i can find elsa 9550 memory samsung). when i try to mod bios and reboot, my computer detect new hardware radeon 9550 secondary not radeon 9600 (i use driver original elsa) now in device manager i have 2 display adapter, number 1 radeon 9550 and 2 radeon 9550 secondary (no conflict)

i try to change to my bios vga to original but still i have 2 display adapter, how to fix it...and where i can find mod bios elsa falcox 9550 memory samsung for mod to 9600...can i use driver original elsa or i must use softmode driver? thx before

Mar 27, 2005
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There should be two devices anyway. It's not a bad thing. It just means that there are two outputs on your card for dual monitor display. And by your message you flashed it with a 9550 BIOS??? :confused: You should try one of the 9600Pro's BIOS's like the Powercolor 9600Pro BIOS with your memory amount to make it seem like you have a 9600 to Windows. The 9550 BIOS's in the collection aren't modded to look like a 9600, they're just dumped from other cards.