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Enermax Announces the ETD-T60 Series Top-Flow CPU Coolers


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Oct 9, 2007
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With clever ideas and technical novelties, Enermax brings a breath of fresh air into the CPU cooler market – in the true sense of the word, because the innovative construction of the Enermax CPU coolers significantly enhances the air stream conduction and heat dissipation. The manufacturer integrated small spoilers, the so-called Vortex Generators, on the fins of the new ETD-T60 cooler to lead the air stream closely along the heat pipes and to avoid the development of hot spots in the back of the heat pipes (so-called Vortex Generator Flow/VGF).

By utilizing the difference in pressure between the warm air inside the heat sink and the colder air outside, Enermax further improved the air supply: The CPU cooler sides are not fully closed, so that additional fresh air can be sucked into the heat sink (so-called Vacuum Effect Flow/VEF). Both effects, VGF and VEF, have been proved successfully with the side-flow series ETS-T40.

High Performance Capability with Powerful Twister Fan
Another striking feature of the ETD-T60 is the special arrangement of the six 6mm heat pipes. Enermax leads two heat pipes to the one side of the heat sink and four to the other side. Due to this Crossed Heat Pipe Design, the cool and warm segments of the heat pipes are placed next to each other, so that the heat can be spread and dissipated more efficiently. The attached 12cm PWM fan with the smooth running Twister bearing provides the adequate cooling performance with an air flow rate of up to 147.30 m3/h. ETD-T60 is available in two versions, with the popular T.B.Silence fan (ETD-T60-TB) or with the LED fan T.B.Vegas Duo (ETD-T60-VD).

Latter is based on the patented Enermax LED technology offering two different colours, blue and red, and eleven outstanding light effects. Vortex Generator Flow, Vacuum Effect Flow, Crossed Heat Pipe Design and a powerful Twister fan – combining these innovations and technologies improves the cooling performance significantly. The thermal resistance of the ETD-T60, one of the most important indicators to evaluate the performance of a CPU cooler, reaches a level of exceptional 0.12°C/W.

Patented and Easy Mounting System
The installation of the ETD-T60 is similar to the side-flow cooler ETS-T40 easy and comfortable. It supports all common Intel and AMD sockets (LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 und AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1). Furthermore, Enermax develops a useful mechanism to achieve the perfect contact force. The so-called "Auto-Adjustable Pressure Design" (AAP) is composed of a screw sleeve with an integrated spring that builds up or releases the pressure to ensure a firm and secure connection between cooler and CPU.

Availability and Prices
The ETD-T60 series is now available. The ETD-T60-TB model costs 54.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and the ETD-T60-VD comes with a MSRP of 59.90 Euro (incl. VAT).

For more information, visit the product page.
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I like top down coolers : ]

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hsf that paired with vegas fan looks cool
Mar 8, 2009
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Any reviews?
Oct 18, 2007
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No LGA2011 support?
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I like em, these look good on all fronts, wonder what US pricing will be.
Apr 21, 2010
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Just a thought but thermal wise wouldn't it be better if the fan was blowing out from the bottom? might have to make the gap between the cpu contact and HS bigger though total size would remain the same more or less and I imagine it would cool better, like I said just a thought though. Nice looking HSF regardless.
Oct 2, 2004
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I have the Thermaright AXP-140 and i have the fan placed the other way around. So instead of blowing on the CPU it's pulling the heat off it and blowing away from the CPU. Next to it is the exhaust fan which then sucks this heat and pulls it outside the case. Having it blowing down on CPU always just caused my motherboard to go very hot and that was it,e ven though they were advertising as "cooling chipset and stuff around CPU". What a load of rubbish...