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Entire Quake 3 source code released

Discussion in 'News' started by grazzhoppa, Aug 20, 2005.

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    Apr 16, 2005
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    Id Software has released the Quake 3 source to the public. Right now, Id's FTP server is getting hammered so if you want to download it you can try getting it from TechPowerUp!'s mirror or FileFront (5.45 MB download)

    Id software has a history of releasing their game engines to the public and hopefully will continue to do this in the future. It gives programmers and dedicated enthusiasts the chance of creating a game using a professional grade base of code to work off of.

    The GPL license Id ties the code to even allows for people to make money off of games they create using Quake 3's code. Although, the people to benefit from Id's generous offerings are most likely university students/teachers or programmers curious about game engines.

    John Carmack, lead programmer at Id and mainly responsible for the technology and game engines Id produces, has recently spoke of how the game industry is finding itself in a rut where creativity in a game comes second to financially safe ideas. And in fairness, when a company is spending millions during the development of a game and a publisher spends millions to bring the game to market, having a financially safe idea for a game is an attractive idea.

    Carmack has expressed his concern of how difficult it will be for established game companies to break the mold with new gameplay. The development cycle of games increases, as does the budget, with every generation of cutting edge game engines. Amateur game creators and enthusiasts will be needed to try out new types of games when the established companies are stuck creating money making games with regurgitated gameplay.

    Id's dedication to giving enthusiasts the tools to create a game and try out new ideas are sincerely welcomed and appreciated by the game development community.
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