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Exchanger Server Build


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Oct 12, 2008
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Our small company needs an Exchange Server so my instructor and I decided to build one. My self and him are going to each buy a rack server. One for Active Directory and one for Exchange server 2007. I'm got a copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 64 - Bit that we will be installing on each of the two servers. I decided to go cheap on these servers since they are for a cheap company that doesn't like to pay for anything. These are going to be the ones that we are going to buy. It says that it has a SATA HDD which I'm happy with:


Since its Exchange I'll be cheap and do a RAID 1 (it has an extra 3.5in Drive Bay so I'll just buy another SATA HDD). This will be my first Exchange server that I have ever set up, with help from Train Signal TUT its going to be fun. :)eek:). So I'm kinda of preparing for certain things. I haven't purchased the servers yet but I'm going to, kinda of just worrying about certain things.... if they crashed or something... so i have to come up with solutions before I sell that to my company. So rite now I'm looking at Novastor and also Genie. But Genie, I'm not liking so much, I cant seem to make an image of my HDD's. I'm almost ready to make the purchase and start the process but last thing I kind of need help with since this is my first time, the server I'm looking at doesn't have a CD-ROM, so I'm just trying to plan out my strategy of installing Windows server 2003 with out it. I know I can install it from the HDD but I think I'll just open it up and install a CD-ROM drive. My instructor said that I could use a Floppy drive and use a program to mount the .ISO with the Floppy. But hes so old he doesn't know which program he used to mount .ISO's with the Floppy. Well I'll keep you posted.