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Fan control isn't working

Discussion in 'ATITool Bug Reports' started by CrashGate3, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Aug 14, 2006
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    I've found with the 0.25 beta that my fan control has stopped working properly.

    I'd upped the fan speeds to keep the card cooler (using the 'Dynamic based on GPU temp option) and it had been working absolutely fine for several weeks, but then suddenly my GPU overheated while playing a game and crashed my PC - when I rebooted, all the fan speeds I specified had been reset to zero. I re-input them and the fan started up again, but after a day or two, the same thing happened, but I caught it in time and stopped the game to avoid a crash. The fan speeds had again been reset to zero, and the fan on my card had completely stopped. I tried the other settings (keep GPU at a certain temp, and fixed speed) but nothing would restart the fan. I unticked the fan speed override, reset the PC and the fan came on as normal.

    However, (*sigh*..) now I can't set specific fan speeds for each temp at all - no matter what I type in, it changes all the values back to zero as soon as I click Apply, and the card fan switches off, needing a reboot to start it spinning again.

    If I have ATiTool set to not override the fan speeds, or if I don't run it at all, then the card fan spins as normal (although it spins up only at very high card temps as per the default settings)

    As I write this, I had ATiTool on 'Keep GPU temp at 55 degrees C' set and the card fan has just suddenly without warning (its been a good 10 minutes since I set ATiTool to that setting) span up from zero to 100%, bringing the card temp from 77 down to 45 degrees and then dropped back to 0%.

    ...and now it seems to be behaving itself - without me changing any settings or closing ATiTool, I can now set the specific speeds for each temp, which I couldn't do when I first started writing this out.

    Oh, I have a PowerColor Radon X1900XT running the latest (3.8) Omega drivers.

    Also also, while I'm on the subject, I can't get profiles to save fan speed information. I check the box in the profile options and click ok, but when I go back, the box is unticked.
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