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[Feature Request] Minimize UI height to size of title bar.


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Jan 24, 2012
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Frequently, a single stat is all that is required for monitoring (e.g. GPU temp).
This unfortunately still requires the whole UI to be open, taking up unnecessary screen space.

Now that individual stat can be displayed in the title bar it would be great if the UI height could be minimised to the size of title bar so it can be dragged to the top or bottom of screen without obscuring other running applications.

The ideal solution would be to [_]Minimize the app to the taskbar so a stat displayed in the title bar can simply and discretely be read off the taskbar at a glance.

Unfortunately, minimizing does not place the app in the task bar (it goes to the system tray).

Currently, when monitoring GPU temperature of my graphics card (when playing games) I have to drag the whole app to the bottom right of the screen so only a portion of the title is in view. Unfortunately, this also obscures several icons in the system tray.