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feature request/suggestion

Oct 17, 2012
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@W1zzard ,

Im certain Your aware of the following, but i have always wondered if it was possible to do, so i figured id ask.

I have GPUz pinned to my taskbar, and i dont always use it everyday, or even every week, but when i do, and an update is required, i notice that I have to actually remove the shortcut pinned to my taskbar, and pin the newly downloaded version in its place.

My Question: is it possible for the installed GPUz Version to be "in place " updated? so i wouldnt need to remove the old icon, and replace it with the current update? Ive considered asking this before, but i rather not be a bother, and its really not like its some big inconvenience either, i just figured , "what the hell, Ill ask."

thanks Either way for the Program ,



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May 14, 2004
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Are you using the installer? Or just dump the executable somewhere?
Feb 9, 2009
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even if using the exe, you can always save the newly downloaded one over the previous one, i assume the pin wont change this way

(if it isnt obvious, would be useful to name it gpuz.exe instead of the default gpuz-#123.exe)