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First pic's of 6x GTX 970 F@H rig

Jan 5, 2008
1,281 (0.31/day)
Oakland, CA
System Name Rover
Processor Intel i7 4790S
Motherboard GigaByte Z97MX-Gaming 5
Cooling Cooler Master 212 Evo
Memory 16 GB G.Skill Ripjaws-X
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX 970 mini
Storage Samsung 840 SSD, WD Black 1 TB
Display(s) ASUS VG248
Case Corsair mATX cube. (Alas they don't make it anymore)
Power Supply SilverStone SST-ST45SF-G 450 Watt
Mouse Logitech
Keyboard Logitech
Software Windows 10 64 ibit
Trying to add card # 6 and having issues with the OS. I'm installing a fresh copy of 14.10 now, so keep your fingers crossed.
Aye aye Captain. Crossing fingers as soon as I finish typing this. ;)
Oct 6, 2007
5,401 (1.27/day)
Nelson B.C. Canada
System Name Blacknet
Processor E5-1660 Xeon @ 4.7GHz
Motherboard Asus P9X79 Pro
Cooling Noctua NH-D14/7case fans
Memory 32gb Gskill 1866 Cas9
Video Card(s) EVGA FTW GTX 980 Ti ACX 2.0+
Storage Toshiba 3TB, x300 Toshiba 5TB, 2x EVO 850 250GB
Display(s) 27" Asus VS278Q, 23" VZ239H IPS
Case Antec 1200
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar MKII+ AKG Q701 Studio Monitors
Power Supply XFX XTR 750 Gold
Mouse Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
Keyboard Ducky One 2 RGB
Software Kubuntu 18.10
Benchmark Scores It's linux baby!
Oh good lord! I'm still trying to get just one.... except my computer blowing up slowed me down, now am upgrading to a hex core 1st gen with 3 slots, still waiting for new mobo, but now I got booted out of my apt, so I have to find a new place, move, pay for mobo, then finally, god, I will be able to fold again.
Dec 14, 2005
1,760 (0.36/day)
Calverton, New York
System Name Current rig
Processor i7-6700k
Motherboard Asus Z710-Deluxe
Cooling Noctua NH-U9S
Memory 32GB Ripjaws V 3200
Video Card(s) Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix OC 6GB
Case rosewill L4412
Power Supply seasonic 1kw
Trying to add card # 6 and having issues with the OS. I'm installing a fresh copy of 14.10 now, so keep your fingers crossed.
Any update?


F@H Mod & 4P Enthusiust
Staff member
Aug 8, 2007
4,974 (1.16/day)
Port St Lucie, FL. U.S.A.
System Name Main Rig
Processor AMD FX-4130 @ 4.8Ghz
Motherboard ASUS M5A99X Evo
Cooling Coolermaster Hyper 212+
Memory 8GB GSkill DDR3 1600
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX 970 Strix @ 1503Mhz Core
Storage Corsair Force 90gb SSD/ WD Caviar Blue 750gb
Display(s) ASUS 24" IPS
Case Coolermaster Centurion 590
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Antec TP750 80+
Software Windows 7 Ultimate 64
Oct 17, 2012
9,203 (3.82/day)
System Name Americas cure is the death of Social Justice & Political Correctness
Processor i5 8600k
Motherboard Asrock Z370 Extreme 4
Cooling Corsair H-110i GTX
Memory 2x 4Gb Crucial Sport LT
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 980 Gaming
Storage Samsung 850 evo 250Gb
Display(s) Dell Ultra Sharp Widescreen 24" 1200P
Case Fractal Design Meshify-C
Power Supply Seasonic Focus+ 750 Gold
Mouse Logitech G502 spectrum
Keyboard AZIO MGK-1 RGB (Kaith Blue)
Software Win 10 Professional 64 bit
that OP Picture is some serious geekporn :)
Nov 4, 2015
68 (0.05/day)
Congrat's on the new additions!

Thanks BUCK, decided to get one(total 2x) went for 1x(GTX970) as i might get a GTX980Ti next week.
its(GTX970) here tomorrow and first part of my upgrade(s) is in :D

bit of testing to, to see what PPD 3x GPU together gives and apart from each other.

reason why my PPD has dropped(i think) to zero is because i really needed to sort everything out properly(power/ where to place my rigs.. etc) but I'll be back ASAP!

will be setting F@H back up this week..