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Dec 2, 2009
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Hi all!
I was offered a forum hosting from someone unknown.
In fact i opened a forum which was free.
He offered me free web hosting and also, his part-time work for the forum.
Is this a spam or some kind of hacking?
Am asking cuz i never had a forum and also, a webpage!
And it sounds too easy to offer free host. :twitch:
Any suggestions?


Sep 27, 2006
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Jul 19, 2006
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Why would anyone give you something for free? What is in it for them? Find the answers to these. I don't see how we can answer them for you, you would need to ask the person giving you free stuff.


Staff member
Oct 12, 2008
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I was offered a forum hosting from someone unknown.
Think for a second... Santa and the tooth fairy even require something in return.
If, they (The unknown? They are not bald headed men with hats... are they?) are letting you do this and footing the bill, I would be very leery of a hidden agenda.
Just my opinion.

In fact i opened a forum which was free.
Are you saying you did it?

Is this a spam or some kind of hacking?
Could be something a little more nefarious than that.

Find out who is behind it, the reason, and, if, it is kosher... If you do it, be sure to get a clear & understandable written agreement or contract that is legally binding in your country. So, you won't be holding the bag when the unknown ones bail on you.

Just my opinion. Goodluck:)