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Frametime spikes (when accessing M.2 SSD)

Feb 4, 2009
51 (0.01/day)
i7 9700K (non-co'd) - Kraken X63 cooler
RTX3080 Asus TUF OC
32gb ram
1 tb M.SSD for windows/apps
1 tb M.SSD for games
no other drives connected (for testing, normally have other SSD's on SATA)
PSU Corsair RM750

When I play games, I often notice noticeable frametime spikes (checked with MSI Afterburner), mostly (I think) when accessing data from the M.2 SSD. Strange, since this should be plenty fast. I have all the latest drivers, but still get these weird drops in framerate (which are frametime spikes). For example, playing Hitman2 at 3440x1440 I get 120fps but sometimes drops a few 10ths of FPS due to the game loading assets. This is very annoying and very noticeable. Temps are great (cpu around 35°C idle, around 50°C stressed, GPU around 65°C-)

From what I can tell, I have no background services soaking up resources.
Any idea how I can fix this?
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