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[FS] 3200xp barton with water cooling widesreen tft 16mb cache hdd


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Aug 6, 2006
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15.4" tft flat panel widescreen! no dead pixels clear bright and works with games with no gohsting at all! has a blue light in the stem and the buttons are finger sensitive and is a very nice looking and performing monitor.

comes with vga cable and adaptor to dvi so will work with any graphics card. power lead is a european one which can plug directly into uk mains or can use a adaptor that is like those travil ones you can buy for like 5 pounds.

water cooling set up:

a black ice extreme 12cm radiator, some of the paint came off when i removed some tape i used to make a seal over the fans for better airflow but it works like new and very very well, no leaks at all and worth a fair ammount.

Hydor l30 pump, the more powerful model which is quite and perfroms very well.

dual 5" bay res, well it works! and er holds water like the res should.

danger den rbx amd cpu block with the accelerator 5 nozzle fitted and the brass top added makeing this the best cpu block for the athalon xp cpu.

danger den maze3 northbridge cooler. low resistance mb block made by the legendary danger den.

danger den ati/nvidia gpu block. fits the graphics card with this machine and works well.

also comes with artic silver 5 thermal paste and some artic cooling ceramic paste so you can choose silver or ceramic (CHOOSE SILVER :))

i would recommend relapping the blocks and definatly test the blocks for leaks as i acept no responsibiltys for water on your pc sorry. oh also has reinforced tubeing. :) all in all this is a serious cooling system that i recomend to serious modders but computer works with air cooling that is suppled and fitted for less confident users.


two joypads one is a saitek rumble pad that is awsome and the other is a cheap naff one, both work and are usb.

mouse with wheel which is optical and a keyboard that has keys! wooooo they both work and all.

driver cds for the sound card (essential) and mb, also ubuntu linux as i have no xp liscence this is a free os alternative, and windvd.

cables for the AIW gfx card so you can put video in and also output to tvs (very handy cables)


8x dual layer dvd writter +- one.

650 watt psu with 3 fans: one 12cm underneath and a 8cm fan on the front and rear of the psu.

Soundblaster audigy se sound card pci

ATI 9800se AIW graphics card: plays latest games and also has tv playback 128mb. with a artic cooler cooling and copper bga ram heatsinks.

1024mb ram: 2x 512mb ram running at pc3200 speed (400fsb) in dual channel mode. completer with copper heat spreaders

AMD barton 512k cache 3200+ XP cpu 200mhz fsb (400) with a large totally copper flower style zalman type cooler and artic silver applied.

250GB 16MB cache 7200 RPM HDD

asus A78NX-X dulux mb with n-force 2 chiset.

all for er erm 400 if you wana pick it up from england colchester or have to add pnp to price otherwise