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Dec 14, 2020
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Now I have already built well over 4000 PC builds over last 22 years but it seems the Lambda techs no better, perhaps they do.

Your thoughts please? New card bought from LambdaTek UK 12 days ago, When I first got it (DAY 1) loaded latest drivers and I ran through the normal benchmarks and it was performing as suspected of all registered published results loaded, at the end of day 1 I loaded my games and started playing in high settings then the card started crashing.

Screen went black to start with then PC started resetting and rebooting but this is what happened it killed the AMD firmware so checked the graphics card in device manager and said its was faulty error code 22 as you can see below.

Screenshot 2023-05-13 DEVICE MANAGER AFTER 5560XT CRASHNG image.png

Then after you uninstall the device (card) and reboot again, reenter the device manager and enable the card sometimes the AMD firmware pops up and claims the card is also faulty also.


The card is installed on my fav motherboard gigabyte A520m with an Ryzen 4650G CPU and 2x3600 MHz LPX memory with a 750W Gold PSU inside my fav Montech air 1000 P case its really cold in there.

I know its only PCIE 3 board and the card is only running 8 lanes instead of 16 and the card is PCIE 4 but we are only talking about 5fps OR less as it was tested in a Gigabyte B550 and in a ryzen 7700x system and the card crashes in both systems as well where the new cards don't crash in the above system!

Now some might say its your PSU well HWINFO says its not and the reason gamers should by gigabyte is they have a rather nifty feature on some of their stock OC cards they have a white light that blinks or stays on if the voltage going in is as it should not be and it works if the 8 pin power is not in. So its not the motherboard or the memory or the PSU.

Now after informing lambda-Tek UK it was in my mind faulty they first came up with this crazy idea as follows.

Unfortunately what you are describing can not be
considered as a fault


ON GBT site it states:
* “Boost Clock” is the maximum frequency achievable on the GPU running a bursty workload. Boost clock achievability, frequency, and sustainability will vary based on several factors, including but not limited to: thermal conditions and variation in applications and workloads.
* “Game Clock” is the expected GPU clock when running typical gaming applications, set to typical TGP (Total Graphics Power). Actual individual game clock results may vary.

These are a couple of videos showing the card performance and rating


* If you wish we can ask Gigabyte support to test it for free to verify whether the card has any issues.


I don't understand why the retailer cant test it first its in their terms and conditions that they do, unless they know something we don't?

I love Gigabyte tech and I never asked for a refund I asked for the same card to be replaced because I think its just a one off dud card but what do you guys think?
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Just get a green GPU... :D :cool:



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Tell them to sent the card back to Gigabyte for RMA and ask for a refund or replacement (your choice). Never buy anything from them ever again (LambdaTek UK that is)


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Dec 14, 2020
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Thanks guys!

I was trying to give them the supplier in this case the benefit of the doubt and giving you guys the credit for the RMA call as no retailer has more experience than this type of collective, also have to say the AMD firmware drivers are also throwing up error codes at times as well.

Lambda-tek also let themselves down badly by giving 2 live links that never even listed the Gigabyte card in question, Normally get my stuff from Scan and cases from box and never had any return issues to date, there seems to be even less trustworthy tech suppliers here in the UK than ever before.

Also get brilliant used gear from tech buyer dot com with 3 years warranty on most stuff.

I run and own hundreds of top ranked retail, consumer and dispute type websites like Dell Disputes dot com and probate scam dot com looks like Lambda Tek will get there own one just for them yes it was only a £300 card but it could have been a RTX 4090 full blown and the only potential victim is the poor sod consumer who trusted them with their hard earned cash.

BEFORE ordering another Gigabyte 6650 XT OC can any of community here report on any issues they have had with this or the eagle version of this card? Just incase it is more than just a one off I have gave the title a proper SEO title so should see lots of traffic coming to the thread for information and reporting.
Mar 1, 2021
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Don't try any fancy things. If you can't install any official drivers, just rma the card. By the way, there is no need to tinker with the firmware or vbios out of the box. This can be helpful later on, but it just has to work ootb.


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Dec 14, 2020
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Thanks again guys this grey screen issue was completely unknown to myself and its never ever came up with all my previous builds of late.

It was really interesting to learn that this seems to all happened after high refresh monitors really started having massive market share had increased.

It might just be a theory on my part but not all video cards were really designed to run at such a high refresh rate as my understanding was this eats into the bandwidth usage and resources of the actual card.

Another thing I noticed in all the threads posted on reddit was kind of obvious to either CPU or GPU built systems that was unmatched to each other Like in my case the choice was a straight one matching my 6650 to my CPU the Ryzen 5 4650G ( which has been Excellent seems to be the limit before the CPU bottlenecks the card although I 'am about to go to a 7700x system that would be ideal for the 6650 XT if it was fully working.

Its also interesting that not one author on any thread has commented on the fact what happened when they lowered their refresh rate if it solved the grey screen issues.

I will try the MOP fix but I don't think it has anything to do with that TBH, I am using huge Panasonic and Samsung 85 inch 4K/8K @ 1080P TV's both running at 120Hz but my 6650 XT card has also crashed at 60Hz native on both screens.

I have also noticed a few comments from AMD owners who switched off the smart access memory in the bios and that sorted the the grey screen issues for them will try that tonight and report back.

In my excellent A520m board of 3 years ago it only has the option of auto but not enabled, this is also the case on other earlier motherboards listed as problem systems on these threads so perhaps either GPU drivers or older board designs on stock bios versions can't match todays SMA implementation, just a thought like.

I also own a Dell G15 SE with a 240Hz monitor 12700h that scores 31000 in Passmark 11.0 and 21000 for the laptop 3060 GPU @140W which is insane easily beats a 12gb Desktop card, for interested parties following this thread on the Gigabyte 6650 OC card when it does work and does not crash at stock timings it scores 18500 in passmark 11 and 19500-20100 in 10.2.

Interestingly Passmark wont register the G15 SE score as its 30% higher than their highest recorded score for a 3060 laptop score!

I can put up links for anyone interested plus on the almost useless userbench the 6650 scores 116-119% to show just how useless they are they only score the dell 3060 at 102% but I use it to see what users are using for their memory timings in each built system where you cant get that information from anywhere else.

Now I should report my 2x8 GB corsair 3600 MHz on my Gigabyte A520m S2H 3200 MHz board can easily go to 4400 stable perhaps I am just lucky only running at 3733 at the monument till I find out what's causing the crashes on this 6650 GPU and yes tried it at native 3200 and still crashed.

OK community after more testing its not the SMART MEMORY ACCESS causing my card to crash as it crashed tonight while disabled in the bios lol

Here is the results of SMA disabled in the bios....


Here is the result when switched on and to prove no funny business going on did a complete test with no crashes to report thank god!


If some of these issues are down to SMA AMD has indeed big problems because performance will be a serious issue crash or no crash system!

For anyone interested here the same test carried out on my gaming laptop all tests running on latest Ghost Spectre OS build without defender and windows 11 pro with MS digital licenses.

Very good result for a 240w PSU laptop that never exceeds 170w in total power from the wall.

Screenshot 2023-04-28 G15 SE PAASMARK IMAGE.png


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Send the card back and get money back and buy an AsRock, Powercolor, Sapphire, Visiontek.