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GPU stops being used after overclock?


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Jul 11, 2020
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So, it's my first post here but i'm just getting into overclock. Bought an budget pc with an old GPU and was trying to get higher FPS in games like the Wticher 3. I used the MSI Afterburner. Added 30-40+ volts, 25 mhz in core clock and 30 in memory clock. The GPU is the GTX580 lightning (Twin Frozr III), CPU is I3-8300. Had two crashes, then found a sweet spot, TW3 was running at high settings at 60fps, 1080p. This GPU has rached 950mhz in other overclocks i saw, so 860 was barely nothing, because i had reached what i wanted.

I barely overclocked it, stopped at a very low point, too. Had the increase in fps i needed, everything was fine.

Then i close the game. I open it up again... 15 fps. Then Resident Evil 7, (usually at 60+ fps and 100+ on low) at 15-30 fps. League of Legends (usually at 282 fps) at 102, clearly not utilizing the GPU. So, i guess my question is: What could have happened? The GPU's lights are still on, it's still being detected, but the dedicated memory is at 0,1/1,5. (Sometimes utilizes 2%, 5%). How could closing a game cause this? Is the GPU broken and, if not, what could i do to further enchance my overclocking experience? Apparently the GTX580 lightning is great for this.


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Jun 29, 2009
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maybe its using your intel gpu?
if ya dont need it disable in bios and try again.
plz post your system specs
Jan 8, 2017
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Hard to tell, use Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall the driver and install it back.


Oct 26, 2005
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If I remember correctly, Fermi GPUs needed system restart between failed overclock attempts.

Disable the integrated graphics from the BIOS.

Aug 12, 2019
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580 is like what 2010? i'd clean the gpu and redo thermal paste before attempting any oc


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Jul 11, 2020
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Hey guys, OP here. Restarted my computer 3 times, and after some tweaking the GPU started working again. Bought the pc for studying and some gaming, which is why the gpu is so old. I'm also from Brazil, so the prices for PC's are really high right now, because of covid. However, i can play most games on medium-high settings.

@Regeneration and @basco both suggested the PC was using the integrated graphics, which i guess was the problem. After restarting the PC and changing the preferred GPU in Nvidia's Control Painel, it started working normaly.
The temperature does get high sometimes though, which is why i think i'll have to apply thermal paste again, as i haven't for a long time. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Also, for those asking, my specs are:
Processor: Intel Core I3-8300 3.70ghz
Motherboard: Positivo POS-RIB360EE
RAM: Dual Channel 2x4 Patriot Memory DDR4
GPU: GTX580 Lightning (Twin Frozr III)
HD: Western Digital 500 HD

I do plan on an upgrade, as it seems like it's not gonna cut it for the next generation of games, like Cyberpunk.

And just out of curiosity, if you want to know which games i play and how many FPS i get normally: Valorant (+160 fps-everything on max, including filters), League of Legends (240+fps, everything maxed), Resident Evil 7 (60+ fps, everything on high, with some details tweaked) and most recently, and more recently The Witcher 3 (everything on high, 50-60fps). All of this is done with a temperature of around 60° c-70°c, average.

(Also not really trying overclocking until i know absolutely everything about it/have prepared for it) Thanks for the warning!