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GPU-Z at startup for standard user


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Nov 10, 2020
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Hi :)

I just found out about GPU-Z and its logging capabilities. I find it very convenient and now I use it this way:
- GPU-Z start minimized at Windows startup and logs GPU temp and some other sensors.

Then I use GenericLogViewer from here:
to visualize the data-points easily.

However, here is my issue:
On my PC I have 2 user accounts. One Admin account that I mostly never use and one Standard User account that I use daily.
GPU-Z will not start automatically with windows if I log into the SU account. I first need to log into the Admin account for GPU-Z to start and begin logging temperatures etc...
This is inconvenient.

I realize that when I manually start GPU-Z from the SU account Windows asks for Admin permission (UAC). That's probably why GPU-Z won't start automatically with windows from the SU account...
I tried editing the permissions to GPU-Z.exe (properties->security tab : full control to the Users group) but that didn't change anything...

How should I proceed in order for GPU-Z to start minimized whenever windows starts up, also when logging into my SU account (not admin)?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.