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Guide | How to get more than 200mV offset using Sapphire Trixx V4.8.2

Nov 7, 2013
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System Name The FlaMING Flogger
Processor Devil's Canyon i7 4790k @ 4.7
Motherboard Asus Maximus VII Ranger
Cooling Corsair H100i (CPU) Kraken G10 with Corsair H55 (GPU)
Memory 16 GB G Skill Trident 2400
Video Card(s) Galaxy GTX 970 Reference running at 1500MHz Core / 1950MHz memory
Storage OCZ 248 GB SSD X 2 in RAID 0
Case NZXT H440 Red / Black
Audio Device(s) Supreme FX On board
Power Supply OCZ-ZT 650W Bronze Rating
Software Windows 8.1 Pro
Hi guys,

For those that want to get more than the 200mV offset available through Trixx you can use a simple registry tweak in Windows to obtain more voltage:-

  • Firstly install the Sapphire Trixx utility and open the program.
  • Save an overclock profile whether it be '1' or '2' etc.
  • Run 'regedit' as administrator.
  • Head to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' and expand this folder.
  • Scroll down to the 'Software' registry key and expand this folder.
  • Look for the 'Sapphire TRIXX' registry key and expand this folder.
  • Within this you will see a key folder called '1:0:0-1002:67B1-174B:E285' or something similar.
  • You will then see the profile settings that you saved 'ClockQuick1GPU Clock' and 'ClockQuick1VDDC Offset' etc. If you saved the profile as '2' it would say 'ClockQuick2VDDC Offset'.
  • To change the voltage offset higher than +200mV right click on this key and go 'modify'.
  • Click on or choose the 'Decimal' base value as the value to edit with.
  • Enter the amount of voltage offset you wish to use, for instance if you want +300mV type in 300 as your value.
  • Once this is done simply close the registry and reboot.
  • Once you're in windows activate this new voltage offset by clicking on the appropriate profile within Twixx.
  • You then have your desired voltage offset value (Sapphire Trixx will still only show the maximum of +200mV on the overclock tool voltage slider, so confirm the new voltage with GPU-Z etc).

Works for me. :toast:

Don't blow up your GPU and remember, any overclocking voids your warranty. I'm not responsible for the voltage offset you decide to use ! For any voltage values above +200mV offset some serious water cooling is the only safe option for your GPU.
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