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Havok supports multicore systems

Discussion in 'News' started by grazzhoppa, Jul 19, 2005.

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    Apr 16, 2005
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    San Francisco, CA – July 12, 2005 - Havok, the video game industry's leading supplier of crossplatform middleware solutions for game developers, announced today that it is developing an innovative new software technology for all of its middleware products that will help game
    developers leverage the built-in power and scalability of multi-core and multi-threaded next
    generation game platforms from manufacturers like AMD, Intel, Microsoft, and Sony Computer
    Entertainment Inc.

    “The face of gaming will change significantly in the next two years, as the computational power
    available to PC and video game players takes another huge step forward,” said Jeff Yates, VP of
    Product Management for Havok. “Next generation game systems will offer built-in scalability in
    the form of multi-core and multi-processor hardware that will be standard in consumer game
    systems shipping in the next 12 months. Havok’s HydraCore™ software technology is designed
    to help game developers tap into the true power of these systems, by distributing real-time
    computation of physics and character animations flexibly and evenly across multiple processors.

    HydraCore is an adaptive middleware technology that will allow game developers to flexibly
    assign and remove threads from the computationally-heavy tasks that next-generation games will
    require – from computing physics simulations for dynamic and destructible worlds, to helping
    game characters respond more intelligently to each other and their environments. HydraCore
    accelerates these elements of game-play by dividing up the work load and dispatching it to any
    number of central or secondary processing units such as the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor family.
    HydraCore ensures Havok-powered games can harvest the native scalability of the next wave of
    consumer PC game platforms – without requiring specialized add-on hardware.

    “Developers are only now beginning to scratch the surface of the computing power available
    from our cutting edge AMD Athlon 64 FX processors,” said, Bob Brewer, corporate vicepresident,
    AMD Desktop Business Division, Microprocessor Business Unit, Microprocessor
    Solutions Sector (MSS) Business. “AMD is committed to the PC game industry and supports the
    groundbreaking strides made by Havok in bringing multi-threaded capabilities to the next
    generation of PC games.”

    “Game developers want to squeeze the maximum performance out of all three CPU cores on
    Xbox 360 to realize the full potential of their games,” said Tracey Frankcom, Gaming
    Middleware Manager in the Xbox Advanced Technology Group. "Havok's Hydracore technology
    will enable developers to take advantage of all that processing power by distributing their physics
    and animation simulations across the Xbox 360 architecture.”

    HydraCore will support all next-generation game systems that offer multi-core and multithreaded
    hardware capabilities, including PCs and next-generation video game platforms from
    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Microsoft. HydraCore is also designed to gracefully
    support non-multi-core or single-threaded game environments to ensure the widest possible
    deployment options to today’s largest game developers.
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