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Help Finding Specific versions of Outlook 2013

Aug 29, 2005
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i have a customer running Zarafa and then recently upgrade from Windows XP 64bit to Windows 7 Professional 64bit and with that they also wanted Office 2013 Home and Business with that, it turns out that the email system they run called Zarafa needs a specfic version of Outlook 2013 to run, not "Click-to-Run" versions and the only versions i got and can find so far is the newest version, where i can't get the Contacts to show up in the "Address Book" but they are under "People" in Outlook 2013 which isn't good enough they wanted everything to work.

Versions i need is:

Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4481.1003
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4481.1508
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4505.1002
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4517.1003, since 7.1.5-42115
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4517.1509
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4535.1006, since 7.1.7-42779
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4535.1508
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4551.1004
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4551.1511
Outlook 2013 RTM - 15.0.4569.1503 since 7.1.8-44068

these are the versions that Zarafa says are "officially supported" - http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php/Zarafa_Outlook_2013_Support

i hope you can help me find one of the versions so i can get this to work.