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Help needed to get a new Laptop

Apr 25, 2007
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Los Angeles,CA
Hi guys,
Its after a long time.And I have now moved to USA for my studies.:toast: :rockout: College ed to be precise.:p
So I am opting for a laptop rather than a desktop.And since in USA we have online shopping and its Christmas I hope I can get a great offer in a good laptop.

MY budget ATM is 775 USD.
It Must use Centrino2 or an Intel C2D.
Must have 16"or more viewing area screen.
Must have a discrete VGA.
Min 1 year warranty.

P.S. Its better if it has DDR3 or PM45 chipset.

And I need a cooling pad+USB hub for it.Others are mouse and keyboard but they are not so important.

If you find good deals that meet my criteria please post their links so I can grab a good deal.
All help is more than welcome.My English is not so perfect,apologies for that.
Thank you in advance.