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Hi-Fi PC


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Jun 2, 2019
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To view this case mod, go here.

Intel i7 970EVGA x58 SLI Classified24GB DDR3Nvidia Geforce GTX 9702x WD Blue 1TB250GB Samsung SSDAsus Xonar U7

Gutted old amp caseMade custom copper base plateMade custom wooden and copper back platesPainted graphic card and parts of motherboardAdded wooden inserts on graphics card, mobo and caseModded and installed LCDs that read temperaturesAdded potentiometers to control fansAdded controller to control volume with main knobConnected switches to turn on and off LCDs and fansMade whole outer case

Hi all!As someone who likes old Hi-Fi gear and collects old Sanyo Hi-Fi components, I decided to take one old Sanyo amplifier and integrate my computer inside of it. That way I can have my PC as a part of my Hi-Fi tower!I used standard desktop components I had in my PC, but my goal was to have the whole front completely functional, all the knobs and switches.I know this is not the top of the line PC, but it is my baby I have been using for years now and its still serving me great, so be gentle :)Original amp had to be gutted, and many modifications had to be made to the main shell. While I was at it, I also customized almost all the components inside, and made many parts out of copper and wood.Bottom part of the case had to be separate from top so I could fit original 1978 switches inside, and to make room for three hard drives. I separated bottom and top sections with one piece of hand cut copper plate (2mm thick). Purpose of copper is purely cosmetical, there is no special reason (heat etc) behind it. That plate sits on four steel feet with anti vibration rubber on bottom and top, painted in copper.Back plate is made one part from copper (where motherboard comes), and one part in wood (where graphics card comes).Since there is a serious height problem with that kind of case, I had to use PCI-Express riser to place graphics card horizontally and Noctuas low profile CPU cooler in order for everything to fit inside.Graphics card and motherboard both got a new paint job and wooden inserts.Front functionality, starting from left to right:- Top two knobs control fan speeds- Power switch turns on the computer- Green light for HDD activity- USB 3.0 port hidden behind a knob- 2 switches to turn on/off fans- 2 switches to turn on/off LCDs- Above switches - left LCD shows case temperature and the right one - CPU temperature- Largest knob is for volume control- below it, another USB 3.0 hidden behind a knob- Big red power lightOuter shell has been made from scratch, using 1.5mm aluminum mesh and profiles. Top plate is hinged, so it is extremely easy to take a look inside ;)And finally, all the copper got a nice polished finish and the rest was painted in mat black.I hope you will like it as much as I liked working on it. It took me some time, but to me, its more then worth it.And don`t judge it by the old components... I worked with what I got ;)Have a nice day everybody!
Mar 26, 2010
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Jakarta, Indonesia
System Name micropage7
Processor Intel Xeon X3470
Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. P55A-UD3R (Socket 1156)
Cooling Enermax ETS-T40F
Memory Samsung 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3
Video Card(s) NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800
Storage V-GEN03AS18EU120GB, Seagate 2 x 1TB and Seagate 4TB
Display(s) Samsung 21 inch LCD Wide Screen
Case Icute Super 18
Audio Device(s) Auzentech X-Fi Forte
Power Supply Silverstone 600 Watt
Mouse Logitech G502
Keyboard Sades Excalibur + Taihao keycaps
Software Win 7 64-bit
Benchmark Scores Classified
nice but more pictures is better
May 31, 2014
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System Name serenity now
Processor Amd 2400g
Motherboard Asrock ab350m Pro 4
Cooling CM Masterair G100M
Memory G.skill 2x4gb 3200
Video Card(s) igpu vega 11
Storage Apacer pcie ssd 240 gb
Case scratch build
Power Supply inter tech 650w 80+bronze
Software Ubuntu bionic beaver 18.04 lts
Neat ,me likes.
Apr 16, 2010
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System Name The Stone that the Builders Refused / iJayo
Processor R5 1600/ R5 1600X
Motherboard Asrock AB350 Pro4 / Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro Wifi
Cooling Cryorig M9 / Artic Freexer 33
Memory G skill 16 Gigs ddr4 / 16 gigs PNY ddr4
Video Card(s) MSI r9 270 / MSI RX 570 Armor
Storage 120gig 840 evo, 120gig adata sp900 / 512 Scandisc M.2 ssd 2 x 1tb seagate hdd 120 gig Hyper X ssd
Display(s) 42" Nec retail display monitor/ 42" Nec retail display monitor
Case Pink Enermax Ostrog / NZXT 200i
Audio Device(s) Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass/ M-Audio monitors
Power Supply Corsair450 /Seasonic Focus 650 fx
Mouse corsair vengence M65 / Func Ms3
Keyboard corsair k70 cherry blue /corsair k95 cherry red
Software Window 10 pro / Windows 10 pro
Benchmark Scores meh... feel me on the battle field!
Jan 12, 2013
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Carson City NV.
System Name DarthVader
Processor I7-5930K @ 4.5ghz
Motherboard Asus X99 Deluxe 2015 edition w/ added Wireless and Bluetooth
Cooling Corsair H110i Cpu, 1x200mm Front intake, 140mm Exhaust, 2x Kingston HyperX Ram fans, 120mm for GPU
Memory 32gb G.Skill 2133mhz Ripjaws Z 9-9-9-24
Video Card(s) EVGA GTX-980 SC ACX 2.0 x 2 SLI 1480mhz Boost
Storage Samsung 850 Evo 500gb x2 Raid 0, Samsung 850 500gb, Kingston 1tb SSD , Seagate 3tb HDD, WD 4tb HD
Display(s) Asus 27" VG278H 3D Vision focus display, BenQ 27" GW2750HM secondary, 2 pair 3DVision 2.0 glasses
Case Corsair 650D with custom Nvidia Logo Glass side panel with custom silver molding and front panel
Audio Device(s) Creative X-FI Titatium Fatalty Champion without front panel controller ( not enough space )
Power Supply 1300w Rosewill Gold
Mouse Logitech Proteous G502 , Wacom Intuos Pro PTH651 Tablet, Leap Motion Controller
Keyboard Corsair K95 RGB Cherry Brown Switches
Software Windows 8.1 on 2x Samsung 500 EVO SSD Raid 0 & Window 10 Pro edition on Samsung 500 EVO 512gb SSD
Benchmark Scores Cinebench 11.5 13.88 , 3dMark Firestrike 19,388, GeekBench 3 64bit 26,215, wPrime 32m 4.868 sec
Pretty cool ! Still using the old X-58 platform ...... I had one ... with a I7-930 with ( 2 ) GTX-285's in SLI ... same PC I started with using the " new " tech rage ...... SSD's ! ( wasn't fast like today as it only supported sata 2 connections... or it was the chipset drivers that couldn't keep up ... been a long time ! But back to yours .. LOVE the Hi-Fi mod ... awesome idea !