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High Res LCD

May 9, 2006
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I was wondering if anyone has seen any LCD monitors around 17-19' that have higher then the standard 1280x1024 res. And why is it that laptop LCD's can come in high res while i can't even find a regular high res LCD for a desktop without the screen size getting crazy big.


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Apr 12, 2005
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17's and 19's do 1280x1024, you're going to have to poney up for a 20" for 1600x1200. My only guess as to why laptop LCDs to better is because if they made a small PC LCD that runs high resolution, that would be giving people what they want. And major corporations wouldn't want to do that, now would they?:laugh:
Dec 18, 2005
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its the way they are made.. the native or highest resolution of an lcd monitor is actually the number if pixels that make up the screen matrix .. each pixel switches on and off..

to use a panel with more pixels would cost more money.. once u step outside the mainstream factor this means lots more money..

the average lcd is quite sharp enough as it is.. they dont really need more pixels.. they also only work at their best when all the pixels are in use.. when u pick a resolution lower than the native one the monitor has to play clever interpolation tricks.. in other words kinda merge several pixels into one to produce the lower resolution..

in windows this spoils the sharpness but in a game it dosnt seem to notice much..

anyways the answer to your question is money.. most folks dont want to spend any more than they have to.. and the wants of "most folks" dictate the product we get..