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How to properly delid a 5775c or 5675c in 7 easy steps

Aug 10, 2007
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This post was originally intended for my friends over at OCN but since posting pictures is still broken :rolleyes: on their new fourm software, its getting referenced here and will be reposed once OCN decides to fix picture posting.

Lets get started.

acknowledgement: I am no way shape or form responsible for any damage incurred to your processor while following this guide. You and you alone follow this guide at your own risk & your warranty is now void after you reach step 5 in this 7 step guide. If you follow this guide exactly as shown you will significantly reduce the risk of damage to your hardware. DO NOT use this method on intel 6, 7, or 8 series CPU's YOU WILL BREAK THEM using this method.

tools needed:
  1. $20 vice from local hardware shop
  2. masking tape
  3. a marker
  4. pry tool (can sub for playing cards, business cards etc.)
  5. the victim
Step 1: assemble your items in a well lit environment


Step 2: Mask and mark. Mask the rear of the cpu & the vice as shown below. Next draw an arrow on the rear side of the CPU in the same area as the golden arrow.

Step 3: Orient the CPU in the vice as shown below (see both pictures), it is EXTREMELY important that you place the arrow in the same direction as pictured. Take note from the second picture that the PCB is flush with the clamping head and the IHS (lid) is against the lower jaw of the vice. Failing to mount the CPU exactly as pictured can result in damage to your processor.


Step 4: Turn, turn, turn. start by turning the vice handle slowly clockwise. Once you start turning you will run into a lot of resistance, this is normal. Keep turning clockwise until you hear a "pop" the glue is now cut and your warranty is now void :)

step 5: remove the CPU from the vice. If the IHS has not completely unseated itself use your pry tool to assist in removing the lid. DO NOT TWIST THE LID OFF, lift and separate.

step 6: cleanup. standard methods apply here, use your favorite quick drying solvent and a non metallic tool to help scrape off the rubber gasket.

Step 7: You're finished!!! time to pat yourself on the back :clap:

I hope this guide helped you, the model used in this guide was an i7 5775c and will directly translate to the i5 5675c
Now it's time to apply that liquid metal TIM and enjoy lower temps and higher clocks!

Happy modding ~
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