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How to send an email that a phone receives as a text?


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Mar 22, 2007
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At my office, we want to have the ability to communicate with our electricians who are fairly low tech people. They don't check emails often, but text messaging would work fine for our need. I know with Verizon and Sprint you can using the text messaging app on the phone to text an email, and then if you reply to say 9995724770@VTEXT.COM that email will go to the phone as a text message.

Short of having all the electricians text an email to get these addresses, is there an easier way to go about this? I've never really dealt with mass texting before. Is say a Droid phone capable of sending a text to 40 people?
Jul 30, 2007
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create group, add numbers, group text, enter text, send

There done, don't even need to use email. Can do it on a shitty little phone too.