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HTPC x1900 AIW build questions...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by noneed4me2, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I recently aquired a couple of all in wonder cards (9700 pro agp/X1900 pcie). I am mainly concerned about the X1900 AIW. Does anyone here have any experience installing them in a small formfactor case like a shuttle box or a tt Lan Box? I am not so much worried about asthetics and look but being able to use a small formfactor case. I am limiting my choices to what is available here http://www.thermaltakeshop.com/ref/ref-case.html . I already have a Bach VX and a Aguila which will easily accomodate it, but I would like to stick it in the Lan Box Lite. The X1900 AIW is a whopper of a card, maybe longer than my HD2900xt.

    My other question is if its possible to run Dish Satellite service through the card in a similar way you would as if you hooked it up to a VCR. Put the theater chip on channel 3 and connect it to a TV, using the UHF number 2 remote to switch the channels (Dish uses dual tuner boxes so the second TV does not have an actual box, just CATV plugged in with the TV set to the second tuner's corresponding channel). Obviously I would not be able to use the Gemstar program guide service but I would still be able to record live TV.

    The build for this HTPC is a Opteron 170, in a DFI RS482 Infinity with 2gb ram and MCE OS. Its going in my sons room. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am also upgrading an existing PIII 1.2ghz build with the 9700 pro AIW (currently uses a 9550 SE) on an Intel chipset mATX board with agp 4x slot. I am hoping to do a similar setup for my grandmother with her Dish service also. Other than running Satellite service through the card. This system will never run HD broadcasts but for DVD and other media playback it works great. It smoke my dads newer DDR2 Celeron sytem (why does an old PIII seem so much quicker in everyday tasks than the newer 2ghz Celeron?).
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