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I think I need a higher wattage PSU

Mar 15, 2008
401 (0.11/day)
California USA
System Name MSI
Processor Intel 4790k@ stock for now
Motherboard MSI z97 gaming 7
Cooling H100i
Memory 16 gb of patriot viperx ddr3 1866
Video Card(s) GTX 970
Storage Crucial c300 128g, wd cavier black 1tb, seagate baracuda 2gb (for storage)
Display(s) 30" dell 3007
Case Haf x 942
Audio Device(s) ac 1150 onboard sound
Power Supply Roswell 1200
Software Windows pro 8.1
Right now i got 2x 3870s at 840/1181, 3 scythe ultra kazes, 2 250 raptors, 2 cd drives, dfi lp dk lt2rs, q9450@3.2ghz, 8gb a ram 2.0v, wireless card. And I can get it to overclock past 3.2ghz without BSOD or a freeze, Something is leading me to think that I don't have enough power because when I put the second 3870 in I had to underclock 200mhz to get stable and turn voltages down, I got a OCZ extremegamer 850w, but I don't know I've tried all kinds of settings some boot, but fail to load windows or some load windows but when I open something it freezes or BSOD i've increased my voltages of my SB,1.6 NB 1.55 CPU VTT 1.4 with my CPUV up too 1.29 and ram up to 2.2v and notthing.