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I7 930 on P6X58D-E

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Vario, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Tatty_One

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    From my experience, there are many very good points and advice here, but to be clear from my perspective and what I have learnt (from 4 different Bloomfield CPU's and 6 different x58 boards), 930's especially like odd number multi's, not specifically 19x so in my experience 21x is the sweet spot with the 930, 20x with Turbo for 920's (strange as it may sound) many of the IMC's on 920's and 930's struggle with any memory multi other than 2:8 but there are exceptions.

    My settings for my current 930 and Giga UD4P running at 4.3 gig 24/7 with memory @ 2:8 include......

    21x multi - Turbo off
    CPU VCore - 1.375 in Bios (shows as 1.36V in CPU-Z)
    QPI/VTT - 1.385V

    If the Op wants more out of his chip I can post the other votage settings I use but to be honest, success can be so board dependant in any case. Although I have the Corsair H80i, I only have it running on a "balanced" setting (so probably performing around some of the best air coolers) and after 60 mins of IBT the temps may just hit 70C.

    I did 4.4gig stable on a C0 stepping 920 @ 21x with turbo enabled on good air, albeit on an excellent Giga G1 Sniper x58.
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    Yes Tatty is correct. Best multiplyer for the 930 was 21. I went all the way to 4.58ghz @ 1.4 volts but 20x was boo hiss, lucky to get to 4.4ghz.

    My best settings for the 930 were 4.2ghz @ 1.268v with a 200bclk x 21.
    everything else was standard voltage except when i had to try and get memory up and going at 2000+mhz.
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    Sorry about Brandon, he does this all the time. Santa never brings him gifts.....LOL.... John. there are no real performance gains from 1600 to 1866. The native speed on the 950 is 1333MHz. Unfortunately the IMC does not let you get high memory speeds on the platform. Nothing you can do about it but run 1600MHz-1800MHz at tight timings. I ran into the same issue.

    Looks like Outback achieved the same results as me John. Keep chuggin.
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