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iBUYPOWER Debuts Coin Mining Systems

Apr 19, 2011
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Word is that most gaming PC OEMs may launch such mining rigs. Origin PC must be kicking itself for throwing a public hissy fit over AMD Radeon. Now even if it wants to bring Radeon back to its options, I doubt AMD will give it special pricing.
Yea I remember having a contentious debate regarding that ("Tier 0" debacle) from one of your news posting? However, now I'm going back trying to find that discussion and it's seems to have disappeared from techpowerup... Am I mistaken? Checking my posts and searching the web and nothing of that from techpowerup in the first week or so in October? Everyone else has history but it appears to have been stricken from the record here? :confused:
Oct 24, 2013
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I think you're slightly confused. The system builder is not targeting Bitcoin. There are two separate situations:

For SHA2-256/Bitcoin, ASICs have been around for almost a year. No one is or should be using GPUs to mine them anymore. The system builder is not targeting this market.

For scrypt/Litecoin, ASICs are not available, and there are no definitive plans for them. It's even questionable whether scrypt ASICs can make significant gains over GPUs due to the complexity of the algorithm. This is the market the builder is targeting, and it is not one that will be obsolete any time soon.
I'm not confused :) I'm well aware ASICs for SHA/Bitcoin have been around, I was just simply talking about the insane amount of newer generation models that are going to be releasing to the market in the upcoming months

ASIC miners for scrypt based currencies have been in development for some time : http://alpha-t.net/

According to them and their testing they have a 5 mh/s rig that will cost around $2207.25 and consume 100w of power (based on the current conversion rates from £1350 to USD). Right now to build a 5 mh/s rig on your own it costs around the price of 5 x 290x and the cost of the mobo/cpu/etc which can range in pricing depending on what you buy and when you buy it... but expect $3,000 and easily more.

Based on those figures/hash rates the miners that they have in production offer lower wattage and start up costs.

EDIT: I see now that my previous post was confusing haha sorry for that