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Intel Core i9-10980XE "Cascade Lake-X" Benchmarked

Sep 17, 2014
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It's the RingBus.
We already know with more cores RingBus latency will become higher as a physical limitation. 10 core i7 6950x was never as fast as a 4 cores 4790k in gaming when clocked the same.

8086k in extreme RAM limited gaming cases like high refresh rate PUBG can out perform 9900k by 100%.

Intel really have to fix this POS or they will lose on gaming performance.

Thats a good observation there, very plausible
Apr 24, 2008
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Well I remember Intel's supply problems this year starting March and companies arguing about this in the press. Those weren't new processors and I think AMD is in a different place with the demand of the CPUs since these were never in the market so supplying every single reseller, pc producer etc. will take time.
BTW I can see availability of the 3900x basically in every single online pc market.

I’ve seen improved availability as well and have said about as much. In this case things don’t improve without there first having been a problem. Improved as it may be, I’m still seeing prices above MSRP for the 3900X Via a number of venders. It’s also true that the elevated prices have lowered but they aren’t inconsequential.

currently on average I see about a ~$30 markup which is indeed an improvement from as high as about ~$200. That doesn’t mean all venders are doing this. Some list the correct MSRP at about ~$499 but not all that list the correct price have stock, such as Bestbuy currently for example. These things happen.

To be clear, if you want a 3900X you can find one and very possibly at MSRP. It’s also possible you might have to cough up ~$30 extra bucks or more,... depending where you go.
Feb 18, 2013
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with OEM PCs now shipping with Ryzen processors, I think that's a sign that Intel is losing their dominance in the PC space. Not a surprise to me anyways...


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Nov 23, 2019
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I'd honestly take this over AMD's offerings, mainly because:
- HEVC advantage, optane and TB3
- lower idle consumption and better overclocking experience
(unlike the sterile, meaningless and incremental one on AMD's zen cpus)
- none of the countless problems faced by AMD mobos and memory
- super ST performance, being more reflective and reliable in today's usages
- superior gaming experience
- availability of ITX option - Asrock X299-ITX/Server counterpart
- AMD's lack of optimization in windows

So many unmentioned advantages. I say its a good placeholder until the actual zen response (Tiger-Lake/Ice Lake) arrives. Kudos to AMD for catching up to Coffeelake though.
You'll take anything over AMD's offering since you're a big Intel fangirl . Reading your comments makes one cringe so hard that it poses a danger of breaking the person's spine


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Sep 10, 2020
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12 vs 18 cores?

3950X will obliterate the Core i9-10980XE.

3950X does not obliterate a 10980XE. My 7980XE has no issues outpacing a 3950X. and my CPU is like 3 years old. I get around 11,000 in R20 at just 4.6GHz. Technology advances yes.


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Sep 10, 2020
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Ok, I honestly expected much from a 10980XE. 3900X is just right behind 10980XE in workloads, with 3950X it's game over.

huh? My old 7980XE at 4.6 wears out a damn 3950X Very easily. It’s 3 damn years old. The 3950X is pre-overclocked from the factory. Hell, you can’t even squeeze hardly anything out of one over stock vs overclocked. A 10980XE is running like 3Ghz on all of the cores. So yeah, it’ll get lower FPS In games and may even benchmark lower. But, the thing is you can easily overclock the 10980XE by 50 or 60 Or even 70% depending on your cooling solution. And a 4.6Ghz - 4.8Ghz (18) core 7980/9980/10980XE is going to smash the 3950X in multithreaded loads. The 3950X is a great value, I’ll give it that. But, faster than my 7980XE? no way.