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Intel Skylake-S Processors delayed?

May 1, 2012
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Noticed that Skylake-S may be delayed and may or may not arrive at the same time as Skylake unlocked.

Wccftech reports they are delayed to Sept./Oct. 2015. Has anyone seen the leaked set of Intel's slides to confirm?
Nov 9, 2010
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Seriously, I think most avid gamers are more interested in the k series anyway, which is still slated for 2016. And that is good timing anyway because that's when both Pascal with it's unified memory and Dx12 games will be available.

So the thread should read Skylake S, not Skylake in general. And as the article states, it makes more sense from a marketing standpoint. Otherwise the Broadwell k launch would be a bit cramped, and there's no reason to do that, esp with AMD having no real competition.

This is what was said by tech journalists from the very first mention of Intel's CPU roadmap timeline for 2015, so it was almost expected they'd shuffle it a bit.

The good news is it's not for tech reasons. Intel almost never have to push back a die shrink, they do it better than anyone and can usually easily predict when and how they'll be able to.
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