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Is VRAM overclocking safe?

Mar 14, 2009
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System Name Fractured puke.
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Motherboard MSI z370 Gaming M5/h110/ AMD a320/ AMD B450-ASRock pro 4 atx
Cooling Corsair H110i/Intel/AMD/H60
Memory 16GB G.Skill TridentZ 3200MHZ/8gb 2133mhz/8gb 2400mhz/8gb Viper 3000mhz
Video Card(s) Nvidia GTX 1070ti/integrated/apu/rx570
Storage 960 EVO 500gb/256gb WD Black 2280 M2/Patriot Ignite 480gb SSD/ Inland Pro 256gb SSD/Patriot Scorch-&
Display(s) AOC 32" QHD/Acer 32" QHD/ ViewSonic 24" FHD/ TV
Case Fractal Design Meshify-C/ Rosewill FBM-01/ Rosewill FBM-01/Sigma eclipse
Audio Device(s) creative audigy/nboard/ onboard/inboard
Power Supply Seasonic/TT/TT/Cooler Master white80+ 500w
Mouse Red Dragon/red dragon/Razer/Razer
Keyboard Razer Deatstalker/red dragon RGB/Red Dragon 502/Razer
Software Windows 10Pro x64///
My 1070ti with Micron VRAM can only do about +350MHz on it before things get unstable. At first I thought +400 worked OK, but the card would TDR 1-2 times/month.
I'll have to assume very few actually care about rock solid stability. Most people that OC do it the fast&dirty way after settings they've seen on the web, with close to 0 stresstesting.
Yeah I know what you mean for the longest time 300mhz is all I could do until I made an extremely aggressive fan curve after 45c and it's good...
I used to care more about the noise but I use headphones now so it doesn't matter.
Triple fan cooler is nice for the silence and does a fantastic job keeping the temps down.
At 2124/2500 the GPU is at a constant 72c but it holds there... Thinking of going even more aggressive with the fan curve.
Nov 7, 2017
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Memory 16 GB 3600 @16/19/19/38-1T Corsair Vengeance Pro
Video Card(s) EVGA 2080S FTW Hybrid
Storage Corsair/Adata/Inland pro NVME's
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Software win 10 x64
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yeah, same sec i read it, i guessed it was a GB card.
havent seen anything in their lineup since 700 series that would get close to others
when it comes to oc vram. usually because of hynix/micron ram.
nothing bad, but most the time the samsung chips semm to clock the highest.

just switch to water.
boost clocks start to get lowered passing 54*C, 2080 on water is faster than 2080S thats aircooled.
the LC clocks higher out of the box, than what i get as max boost on the air cooled card.

and its silent, and with cpu under water lowering all other temps (pc) to basically below 50*C as well, incl vrms
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