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JEDEC Announces Key Attributes of Upcoming DDR4 Standard


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Oct 9, 2007
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JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in the development of standards for the microelectronics industry, today announced selected key attributes of its widely-anticipated DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4) standard. With publication forecasted for mid-2012, JEDEC DDR4 will represent a significant advancement in performance with reduced power usage as compared to previous generation technologies. When published, the new standard will be available for free download at www.jedec.org.

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Apr 4, 2008
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So 2667 is the new 1333? Does that mean DDR4 will top out around 5000 MHz effective?
Apr 21, 2010
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So 2667 is the new 1333? Does that mean DDR4 will top out around 5000 MHz effective?
initialy at release 3000mhz might be possible, 5000 could happen near the end of the ddr4 lifecycle but at the moment there isn't really enough infromation to go on.
also 2667 and above will be considered high speed and thus have a power saving feature that will likely downvolt and downclock when not heavily taxed.
at the moment 1866 is the new 1333 so who knows. moving to an even higher spec is unlikely for the near future, at least for the next 2 yrs or so.
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May 15, 2007
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So 2667 is the new 1333? Does that mean DDR4 will top out around 5000 MHz effective?
Based on the article it sounds like 1600MT/s will be "starting" transfer rate whilst 3200MT/s will be the ultimate "final" transfer rate.

I assume that the internal clock multiplers will stay the same as DDR3? Thus 1600MT/s DDR4 will actually have a "true" memory frequency of 200MHz (x4 I/O multipler to 800MHz).

Sounds interesting. More of a evolution than a revolution.


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Apr 12, 2006
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since Ivybridge goes on DDR3 motherboards, my guess is no;)