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Joystick problems..

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by TechnicalFreak, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. I have a strange "problem" with my Thrustmaster TopGun Afterburner 2 joystick.
    The problem is when I for an example play H.A.W.X. it suddenly switches off the assistance mode, or fires the missiles by itself. It even switches targets randomly. I have tried everything so far, from updating the mobo drivers and DirectX.

    Don't ask me why it started to behave like this, it just started one day. I haven't tested it with DCX9 yet (no fly zone mission) or any other game.

    However, it responds normaly (no jerky motions or similar).

    Oh, and btw it's an USB joystick.
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  2. Anyone??
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  3. blobster21


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    typically a poorly programmed gamepad support is causing your problem.

    Gamepad acting on its own ? i've had a similar problem in the past with MOHA airborne and had to quit playing it : sad, simple but true
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  4. Thanks, i solved it. It was a button that was stuck (signal on all the time). Changed it to an industrial omron switch instead. First I actually thought it was as everyone else said on HAWX forums "It's your mic, it's enabled/active in the voice command menu". Strange.. I don't even have a mic. :wtf:

    Does your gamepad still work? What brand/model is it??
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