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Kagi: $5/month for a search engine in 2024?

Apr 24, 2020
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Isnt the take away that a search engine will not make you any smarter? Information IS NOT knowledge.

Thats also why AI generated search wont ever go places. Its a self defeating exercise. If nobody applies knowledge you can refine search all you want, but on what basis? Most common denominator? Oldest person writing it down? Whatever we feed it?

Garbage in, garbage out. Look at mishaps in business and government lately. Like Boeing. A lot of people dont even know how to help themselves. Knowledge is outsourced, new talent has Googled its information to a degree.

A lot of people stopped learning skills - they learned how to play the system, the algorithm of how things work and then 'disrupt' something to make money. Nobody is any wiser for it. I rank Kagi in that same category I think.

The issue is that in practice, I don't need search when I already know a thing.

I use search because I don't know a thing . I can test search-quality on knowledge I already have, but I can't test search-quality on knowledge I don't have (aka: the actual use of these tools).
Feb 1, 2019
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Dec 29, 2017
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Still using it myself, pretty happy. I've got it on one of the browsers on my phone now, my laptop, and my desktop. I don't miss Google or other search engines, but I do notice the baked in adverts when I accidentally or am forced to use them (Opera, can you allow custom search engine defaults instead of just the Google/Bing/Wiki etc on phone).

Looks like the service is pretty successful, apparently they are now profitable, and have had additional investment.

Of course, 25000 users is something many people would laugh at, but they're paid users, and the growth seems to be steady. Seems most of the clientele are somewhat IT focused or can comfortably afford a small subscription for something as used as a search engine. Something I realised is that the 300 searches from the $5 a month plan go quickly, it's interesting how much you do a search without realising. So I'm happily using the $10/month unlimited.

I quite like having GPT 4.5 access included in the subscription if I want it, the summarizer is quite good. Although I generally don't rely on AI and steer away from using it most of the time, having access to the paid version of GPT if I want to use it is nice.


I guess I wouldn't be so comfortable adding another subscription/recurrent fee to my life if I hadn't already pruned away something like 80% of the direct debits/rolling contracts etc. I had at one point. But quite happy to pay for the remaining 20% since they improve my quality of life a fair bit.

I'm learning to use the lenses more, and being able to prioritize or ban certain domains from the results is actually incredibly nice, never seeing a pinterest post or whatever again :D:love:.

I'm also quite appreciative of how open the development is, with changelogs and credits to users/developers.

The Wolfram Alpha integration is pretty neat too, but I only really use that at certain times for academic reasons, it's not something I commonly use.

I do wish the Orion Browser was for more than just Mac/IOS though, it seems pretty cool.

Anyway, my thoughts after a few months of usage.

The focus on Open Source where possible is something I strongly support, and hopefully this project continues in the same vein it has so far.


This is not a paid endorsement, review or anything of the kind BTW, this is my private opinion after using the service for a while with my own money.