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Messing with x1950 - now only boot into safe mode


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Apr 16, 2007
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Hello all.

I've been fighting my x1950 card, which has decided to run into major overheating issues since I upgraded to a Core2Duo and a new motherboard. Maybe I upset it when I moved it to the new board, who knows.

My problem is that since endless reboots with different configurations of fans, heatsinks and so on I can now only boot into Windows in safe mode. If I then uninstall the graphics driver I can boot into Windows normally, although obviously with rubbish graphics support. Reinstalling drivers (ATI basic driver or Omega Radeon driver) makes Windows fail to boot again.

I've tried msconfig then setting "nogui", but I don't get a single line of text on the screen at boot up - it just sits there, then the screen turns off and after a while I reboot manually (i.e. power switch).

Any ideas? All contributions gratefully received, although please don't tell me to replace my card - no budget for that at the moment.