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Mismatched vBIOS


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Mar 11, 2013
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just had two 680ms sent over from Eurocom for my AW M18X R1 and one card has the vBIOS and the other has the The latter one seems unlocked since GPU Caps Viewer shows core clock at 758 mhz whereas the former shows 719 mhz. Does the mismatch have an effect on gameplay? What do you guys recommend should I flash one with the other? Also I was looking at from svl7 and svl7 said that it is optimized for no throttling. Is that when overclocking or has svl7 tweaked the vBIOS to regulate the cards better as to avoid unnecessary throttling? Asking for purposes of curiosity and general knowledge. Thanks!
Feb 26, 2013
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The mismatched bios shouldn't affect anything. Yo my knowledge, the only things that matter are the cards themselves. They have to be compatible to SLI with (same type of card when coming to nvidia sli). They can even mismatch in vRAM, it will just take the smaller of the two cards and make them both run at at that vRAM. I think flashing them with the same bios shouldnt be done though. I believe, if they are different cards as far as company and model (FTW, MSI PE, ASUS DCII, etc) that their BIOS's arent compatible with each other as it is. Hence the different bios you are seeing.