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Missing power control slider in Catalyst since unlocking 6950 -> 6970 Shaders

Aug 17, 2013
19 (0.01/day)
Processor Intel i7 920
Motherboard Intel DX58SO
Cooling Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro
Memory 12GB Tri-channel Kingston HyperX T1
Video Card(s) Dual Gigabyte Radeon HD 6950 1GB
Storage 64GB OCZ SSD + 2x 320GB HDDs in RAID 0
Case Silverstone Raven RV03
Power Supply Seasonic X750 Gold
Software Windows 8
Hello, title says it all, the power control option in catalyst control center disappeared after I flashed my Radeon HD6950 with an edited BIOS to unlock the 6970's shaders.

I have 2 cards in crossfire, one had been previously flashed (never noticed the power options anyway, is it only in later versions of catalyst?). The second card arrived not too long ago (primary card in CF) and gave the option of power control, after flashing it the option is gone for both cards.

The shaders were the only thing changed as gigabyte 6950's with 1GB can't be flashed with the 6970 BIOS I believe, is this right?

As for the method I used in case that has something to do with it I can't find it exactly.. it involved running the bios through a program, just a script or something not RBE.

I am only worried about this because I have read that the power control options default (+0%) can limit performance with the cards throttling back under load. If there is a way to determine that this is not happening then that will do, thanks.

EDIT: forgot to mention, I tried MSI afterburner and the Power Limit option is disabled there as well

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