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Monitor "Overdrive" response time damage or reduced lifespan ?


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Mar 3, 2023
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Thanks for reading my topic.
Some IPS monitors have an configuration named "response time" for "optimize" the response time.
However is as that naming "response time" is overdrive.
Overdrive increases the voltage sent to each pixel, making them respond faster than their natural response time.
Here I see an IPS monitor LG 24MP400 with "Response Time". Is possible select disable, normal, fast and faster.
Even using 75 HZ and selecting fast or faster that monitor have ghosting.
Strange detail is in specifications is 5 ms and overdrive setting was created for avoid ghosting.
I had used an LG E1641 TN with 16 ms and not does any ghosting.

Enabling "overdrive" fast can damage the monitor in long time of usage ? That setting is problem for monitor lifespan ?
Also not any information about what is the value of ms when selecing any setting (disable, normal, fast or faster) in manual.
The user not understand if only is used 5 ms if using faster.

Not is simple buy an monitor with good quality without any problem so as was in CRT age.
Have an nice day.
Feb 6, 2021
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not really.
it's not like you degrade an oxide layer from a transistor. you just flip/twist/rotate liquid crystals faster and if it's too fast they shoot over the value they want to achieve and you have inverse ghosting/overshoot.
i never heard of degrading or damaging LCDs due to overdrive.
Sep 17, 2014
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Backlights wear down, mostly, with monitors. Regardless of refresh rate.
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Overdrive makes no difference to longevity.


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Mar 3, 2023
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Thanks for all replies.
Strange that in the last years monitor manufacturing are allowing configure the response time.
Always the default was using the monitor panel maximum response time.
User see that setting "overdrive" changing the voltage and think if is or not dangerous for monitor lifespan.
Another strange detail and in some moments bizarre is high response time is for avoid ghosting and others problems and actually create more problems as if monitor response time not is exactly the specification and that setting overdrive use an response time more high than monitor panel default.