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Motherboard hangs on GPU check/Help with GPU flashing


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Jul 2, 2007
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System Name PCGOD
Processor AMD FX 8350@ 5.0GHz
Motherboard Asus TUF 990FX Sabertooth R2 2901 Bios
Cooling Scythe Ashura, 2×BitFenix 230mm Spectre Pro LED (Blue,Green), 2x BitFenix 140mm Spectre Pro LED
Memory 16 GB Gskill Ripjaws X 2133 (2400 OC, 10-10-12-20-20, 1T, 1.65V)
Video Card(s) AMD Radeon 290 Sapphire Vapor-X
Storage Samsung 840 Pro 256GB, WD Velociraptor 1TB
Display(s) NEC Multisync LCD 1700V (Display Port Adapter)
Case AeroCool Xpredator Evil Blue Edition
Audio Device(s) Creative Labs Sound Blaster ZxR
Power Supply Seasonic 1250 XM2 Series (XP3)
Mouse Roccat Kone XTD
Keyboard Roccat Ryos MK Pro
Software Windows 7 Pro 64
I never checked the unverified list. :oops:

Which complicates things a little bit. Since there's like 18 of them that have the same device and subsystem IDs. :banghead:

On the UEFI or no question, Legacy/Non-UEFI BIOSes are supposed to be the most hardware compatible. They're intended for troubleshooting compatibility issues where a "Hybrid"(Legacy + UEFI) BIOS is generally used. All UEFI vBIOSes are "Hybrid" at this point in time.

View attachment 93638

Mine has the dual bios.

I feel he should get the exact info off the white stickers and post them here.

Then if those other bios are very close, modify the existing 1 to match the others...

Gpuz should show the base and load clock speeds, and then the clock steps for ram, same with brand of memory on the card if I'm not mistaken
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Oct 28, 2017
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You will want to do the bios flash in the machine it is working in right now, does that other machine have a built in graphics adapter?
No, it's a Ryzen 5 1600 build so no built in. My old or well "current" system doesn't have built in either.

I'm still thinking that none of them are going to work any better than your original. But they might. And what else can you do at this point anyway?
If your expectations of success are that low, wouldn't I simply be better off just buying a new GPU? I had my eyes on a second hand 1060 6gb for 200 but it got snagged by someone else because I didn't want to buy a new GPU while I still had hope for this card. The first recommendation on reddit was vBIOS flashing and jayztwocents mentioned "I am probably going to have to buckle down, install the Pascal BIOS editor and force a fresh bios install and see what happens."
Also Fast Boot enables access to the VGA Support option, which lets you pick between Auto and EFI Driver, which is why I thought it might still be important.

As for the white stickers, there are 3 on there, two like in the picture attached and one tiny one with tiny print that seems to be an address in germany and taipei.
The bigger ones are "R9270X 179628-00571 YV04U0-A09 388002" for the slim one and "R9270X-DC2T-2GD5" then a barcode with MADE IN CHINA and then "DBC0YZ228032"


Feb 2, 2015
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(Fla)Shit or get off the pot. :p

By that I mean you've got enough info to make your own decisions from here. Flash it or don't flash it. Buy a new card or don't buy a new card. These choices are yours...not mine. Quit second-guessing yourself and do something.

Hint: If flashing a different vBIOS doesn't work, flash the original vBIOS back on it, sell it, buy a new card. ;)