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Motherboard & Memory Compatibility Question


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Jan 10, 2013
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Im looking to build a rig (music production / gaming hybrid) and all im really concerned about is speed / multi tasking power. That being said i am staying far away from Intel (I try to stay away from any company whos products cost more for simply having a "name" attached to them), and i will be getting the AMD FX-8350 Processor. Now my main issue is find a motherboard to go with a good pair of Memory as well as the AMD FX-8350.

I was looking at getting these but unfortunately it seems that they dont qualify with the 990FX Sabertooth i was looking at getting. After checking the compatible Memory List for the 990FX Sabertooth there are next to no good quality 2x8GB listed. I dont think the Memory List is accurate at all as it says it is compatible with 8x8GB when the board can't even support more than 32GB of Memory.

I need help!