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[Need help] LCD screen flicker issue

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by ae86trueno, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    about 4 days ago I started to get this issue. the screen with white color sometimes flicker.
    At first I thought my LCD screen goes bad, but then I notice it only showing up on white color only (or at least that is where I can notice it) even when typing this message the white canvas part is flickering. The flicker is like old crt monitor with lower Hz.

    After searching then it lead me to think it might be my graphic card that causing this.
    I use Sapphire 5850 1GB DDR5, I bought my monitor in 2008 and my graphic card early this year so I guess they still quite new. Since March until 4 days ago I never had any flicker issue but then it just suddenly happen :(.

    I was running 10.6 driver since I build this system on March, then after 4 days ago when issue start happening I tried to install the latest driver 10.10 but it does not fix the issue

    So far from searching internet, I have tried reseating my graphic card, unplug and plug back all the cable. totally shut down PC and took the power cable off. try to run game to Get the graphic card running at its max 725 gpu and 1000mhz gpu ram. the issue intermittent and when I did run the game, the screen was okay for few hours (though I cannot confirm if it because the graphic running at max or just so happen it was okay that time).
    I dont have any spare graphic card to test out or any other computer that able to run this monitor to test.

    Any suggestion what else can I test? Thank you for the help

    Edit: I also have tried to do fresh install of Windows on spare disk, flicker still happening on the white color. This happen to all white, blank html page, notepad, photoshop, text box area etc.

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