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Need help on online activation to play a single-player game... :/

Black Panther

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May 30, 2007
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So I had purchased Two Worlds.
In short, I played it for like 15 minutes, didn't like it, uninstalled, put disk back in case and decided to give it to my brother when he finishes his exams.

There is no internet at the place where my brother's computer is.

I went there, installed the game... it asked me for the 16-character code... and to click for online activation :eek:, which ground me to a halt obviously. Choosing the "activate later" tab doesn't allow you to play.:(

There is the choice to activate by phone... but I didn't even click it because of the following reasons---

1) If the activation is the same as you activate Windows XP by phone, how can they activate the product over the phone if the computer is insulated and in no way connected to the internet?

2) How could they know (or believe me?) that I'm not trying to copy and use the same game on 2 pc's at once?

3) Probably the number wouldn't be toll free, considering that I'm in Malta... and they'd leave me for like an hour on the phone, fail to give me an activation, and I'd be left with a phone bill 5x the price for which I paid the game. Heck even if they do manage to activate somehow, if the call isn't free it might result cheaper for me to buy a second game!

Geez everytime I even touch this game I dislike it even more...

Allow me to rant!
1) I purchased it legally from a UK shop. When I installed it I got the message that I cannot play and that I should contact their 'legal department'... :wtf: After some googling around, I discovered that it's got a weird anti-piracy thingy making it that I have to set my time-zone region to the same one as the place where I bought it from for it to work:ohwell:
You may think that it's no big deal but I keep a backup of my work accounting program on my rig here, and my backup copy gets mucked up as soon as I change the time region!

So one reason which definitely put me off playing the game was that I'd preferred to have a safe back-up of 10+ years work, rather than having Murphy's law work against me - having the work pc quit on me and finding myself with no backup because I wanted to play a game!!

2) On the box it's described as being "Oblivion on steroids"... and oh my wasn't I disappointed!

3) It states on the box that the minimum requirement is broadband internet connection ONLY IF you want to play multiplayer. It doesn't say that you need an internet connection in order to activate the anti-piracy $#t to be able to play the game single-player! :mad:

Please, sorry for typing in caps but please DO NOT QUOTE/LINK/ADVISE ME ON HOW TO CRACK THE GAME ILLEGALLY.

If you know a legal way on how to get this game to work on a pc without an internet connection please share. If there is no legal way, or you know how to crack it or know cracking links, just tell me that this game cannot be played on a pc without an internet connection.

I've had threads locked before just because I asked a valid question and someone either posts something illegal or tells me to "check my pm's" rather than telling me it is not possible, and rather than the offending post being deleted/censored I get the whole thread locked up, :banghead: which is hardly fair.
Nov 8, 2006
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Answer to 1) well XP does it, that's how I activate it, via phone. So why can a game not? You will be asked to input an activation code (which is what the internet activation does, just invisibly).

2) Yes, Two Worlds is a POS

3) My copy had an asterix, and the legend said that it needed to activate via phone/internet.

And cracking games is not illegal as long as you own the original.


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Aug 27, 2006
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Look at the page you linked us to about "Two Worlds", in the bottom right corner click the "Activiation" link under "Support". You can install it on up to three(3) computers and just call(telephone) to activate it.

Feb 26, 2008
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I'd go with what Darknova said; it's not illegal to use a no-CD crack or whatever if you own the original software. Hell, it's why there are some "legit" no-CD sites out there, they state that you must own the original software before entering their site, which is fair.