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Need help with overclocking

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by wolf2009, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. wolf2009 Guest

    I have GIGABYTE EX-38 DS4 . I am trying to overclock Q9450 ( VID=1.15 ) on it .

    I am little new to overclocking but know how to do it.

    These are the bios options screens on this page http://www.bjorn3d.com/read.php?cID=1227&pageID=4507

    I set everything to auto and the processor was overclocked to 3.2 . Now I want to overclock to 3.6 Ghz .

    What voltages i need to increase ?

    I dont understand how to change the FSB: DRAM option and what to set it to ?
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  2. wolf2009 Guest

    little help ?
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  3. Paulieg The Mad Moderator Staff Member

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    On that chip, you should be able to get 3.6 on less than 1.3v. Remember to set you NB/MCH voltage to at least 1.45v too. Run your Ram at 1:1 or less until you get your overclock stable.
  4. wolf2009 Guest

    Whats the safe voltages for NB ?

    Whats the normal voltage for NB ?
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  5. wolf2009 Guest

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  6. allen337


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    got the same Mobo always hit ctrl+f1 when you get int bios for advanced features, what memory do you have? I personally would just up the FSB untill the cpu says 3.6, if your fsb of that cpu is 333 you need to run the multi at B you will see the A,B,C,D multipliers on the right side in bios when you start to adjust them.A settings are 266 fsb B settings are 333 fsb C settings are 200fsb and D settings are 400 fsb-and each one is going to have like 4 different setting for your actual memory. So if your multi is 333 you would choose B and the you would choose what memory you have 533-667-800-1066. Set your (G) MCH Overvoltage control to +1.50
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