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need more powerful psu for a geforce 8600 gt?


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Nov 5, 2005
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hudson, fl.
Processor athlon64 x3800 oc'ed to 2.5 ghz
Motherboard ecs kn1-lite
Cooling ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro
Memory 2 gig gigaram ddr 400
Video Card(s) geforce8600gt
Storage raptor 74k and 160 gig harddrive
Display(s) 19 inch lcd monitor with resolution of 1440x900
Case Antec case
Audio Device(s) sound blaster xi-fi
Power Supply 650 watts antec power supply
Software windows xp pro.
i got the geforce 8600 gt the other day from newegg and my pc won;t boot up when it installed, but its okay if i have my old 7600 gs install. i was thinking of getting a more powerfull power supply this tuesday to see if its the problem, though its 500 watts with dual +12rails with 18 amps on each of them. i was thinking of getting the bfg model here:

although this seems good as well:

what would you suggest?