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Need some help with cross-model parts compatibility (or exploring options) on recent HP laptop

Mar 15, 2017
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[tl;dr for the ADHD crowd at the bottom]

Hi, guys.
I decided to help out with a laptop and do a simple screen replacement. The thing has hit the ground in the past, leaving a cracked display panel. When I opened it up I found out that I may need to also do a hinge and top lid replacement: the hinges extend into thin metal pieces along the edges of the panel and one of those is snapped off, also the place where the hinge bolts on to the top lid is cracked. The thing seems to otherwise be fine - it has no trouble outputting an image to a TV via HDMI and the cracked panel still displays some text on the Windows login screen, so I'm fairly hopeful a straight parts swap will be just fine.

Ordering just the new parts I would need from AliExpress or Ebay would set me back about $128, but I found a similar model (weaker specs), working and in good condition, for $110 on my local used market. It would be a a better choice financially if I bought the similar model second hand, swapped the parts and sold/kept the other working laptop body. Although they are of the same series (15-dw), I can't know for certain if the display, hinges and top lid are an exact fit until I disassemble the other model. The exact models are as follows:

The one I'm trying to fix: HP 15-dw3005nu
The possible donor: HP 15-dw1032nq

Looking at just pictures both look identical from the outside, but you never know. Any gurus out there?

TL;DR - can I directly swap the display panel, hinges and top lid from HP 15-dw1032nq to HP 15-dw3005nu?
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Aug 18, 2022
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HP list the dimensions of the 15-dw1032nq as 35.85 x 24.2 x 1.99 cm and the 15-dw3005nu as 35.85 x 24.2 x 1.99 cm - exactly the same. So might be worth rolling the dice on this one.