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NETGEAR Orbi LBR20 4G LTE WiFi Router


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Jul 1, 2014
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The NETGEAR Orbi LBR20 is a hybrid mobile hotspot and WiFi mesh-capable router. With the option to pair to satellite units and have wired or 4G LTE Internet options, especially with the latter as a backup or even primary connection, it is a reliable home WiFi option for many across the globe without reliable wired broadband access.

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Nov 11, 2008
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Wow, at $400 there is a LOT of better options for LTE routers!!!!
Jun 26, 2007
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I bought a Xiaomi AIoT AC2350 for 40ish expecting more performance from all those antennas, it failed to replace my isp's router or working as a repeater, the solution I found was to plug it into a network cable in the living room and work with two separate networks, and also the possibility of using ethernet cables on the living room.
All in all after sorting things out and the limitations of wi-fi in my home, for 42€ it wasn't an expensive fix, I see more expensive routers fair no better in tight corners...
Tested performance @2m distance was 500MB\s caping my connection...
Oct 3, 2019
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Wow, at $400 there is a LOT of better options for LTE routers!!!!
Most 4G routers don't support LTE CAT 18 that this one does, which means it will wring quite a bit more performance out of many mobile networks . LTE CAT 4 and CAT 6 modems are mediocre and need an amazingly top notch network to perform well. Having said that, I've seen non-mesh 4G LTE cat-12 routers for half the price, and they're more than good enough.

Additionally, spending 400 dollars on a technology that is being just at this moment superseeded by 5G is... a dubious proposition, to say the least. If Netgear releases the same router with both 5G and 4G support, at that same price, it will still be expensive, but at least it won't be nonsensical.
Oct 27, 2005
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you'd want a 5g router for $400.


Aug 19, 2014
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As a networking guy. I did read this review with one eye closed...

You could find a lot better 4G router for that price...

Forget gaming in 4G network? Way whaaat, what crappy lte provider do you have...? Where I live (country) you can easily play games without spikes on 4G. It can be cs, r6s and moba games which relay on stable connections. And this depends on many aspects. Starting from isp uplinks, carriers and path to popular servises. Link quality and technology. In bad weather 4G signal doesnt degrade so bad as it would be useless "forget gaming"...
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Sep 15, 2015
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Does it haw incoming calls through Wi-Fi to mobile phone?
I can get better 4G reception if I put a mobile phone on the roof.
I know it has terrible upload speed and latency.
Feb 26, 2006
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In the UK i use a Huawei B535 which you can get free with a plan from a network provider or buy for about £110. Its fine 99% of the time with 3 PCs connected, tv and mobile phones but can get slow a peak times. Fine for web browsing, streaming video, Roblox/Minecraft online etc