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Network Setup *Advice/Help

Discussion in 'Networking & Security' started by ASRockIQ, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. ASRockIQ

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    Dec 9, 2008
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    Daphne, AL
    hey guys. i know i have posted two threads left and right about my connection issues but i'll make this thread even clearer for ya' :eek:

    I am doing this cause i need some final advise before contacting my ISP which is a pain in the ASS!

    Connection type: 12MB Cable
    Router1: Linksys WRT120N
    Router2(Setup as Network switch): Netgear WPNT834

    Computer1 Upstairs (Upstairs has Router1 and Cable Modem)
    Computers2&3 Downstairs (Have a Enternet Cable running through to Downstairs Linked to Port4 on Router2) Computer 2 (Mine) Linked to port3 and Computer3 (Brothers) Linked to port2

    Problem: Internet Connection can be slow at times. Videos don't load as fast (D'Speed @700kbps-1.2mb and sometimes slow @70kbps-*Only 250kbps

    we then tried playing CSS and other games but the ping was bad like 150 and 130. are ping is suppose to be like somewhere 30,40, or even good 60 but no. i'm fed' up here. idk what i'm doing wrong.
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  2. andrew123 New Member

    Jan 18, 2010
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    Try setting your MTU to 1500.


    Also, Router2 is doing NAT routing? Router 1 is set up as a switch? So you have Cable Modem --> Router(Routing Disabled/Only Switching) --> Router2 (Routing + Switching)? I'd suggest swapping Router 1 and Router 2 as the closer you move your NAT to your ISP device the better performance you will get internally for your network (Routers break up broadcast domains).

    ** Edit #2 **

    regarding ping times, you'd be lucky to get a ping of 80 to 110 for a gaming server.. 120+ seems to be the norm unless your ISP is awesome.. check your ping times between local computers for a comparison.
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  3. timta2

    Jan 16, 2008
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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
    And you can hook up one computer to the modem without any of your networking equipment. That will help you determine if you problem is with your ISP or is related to your networking equipment.

    If all is fine with just one computer connected...
    Cheap consumer networking equipment (routers, etc) can be flakey. Maybe you can obtain another router (borrow from a friend? Buy?) for testing.

    If you can prove that you have problems with just a computer hooked up to the modem it will be easier to prove to your ISP. Otherwise they will just come out and blame your networking equipment so they can get to their next service call.

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